A viEw FrOm AbOvE

This is the view that greets me every single day…No more turquoise sea,white sand,fresh breeze and smiling faces to say good morning…Now is crunchy time for me.I am officially out of my paradise even though  paradise is not out of me, yet.Coming to think of it,it will never be out of my system completely.

I am sure that with time, this new place will show this Nomad’s wife its hidden beauty,charm and lovable spots,after all I’m an optimistic at heart.What would be of life if we all decided that it was unlivable and unlovable and just washed our hands on it? -You tell me!

Dubai surely have something good to be remembered by…surely! Any way for the moment,considering the intense heat and the frequent sand storms all I can offer you is a view from above ,from my balcony.

Will tell you more about Dubai in small posts,there is a lot to say about this place…believe me.I guess been inside the UAE gives you a new perspective of life inside  Muslim  countries big time! Hey is not all bad..really!

I lost access to Flickr because by their religious standards is a pornographic site,I am having a tremendous hair fall due to bad over chlorinated waters,the food is never,ever fresh,…My hobbies are soon to become shopping and eating.LoL

They do treat woman,believe it or not,with the utmost  respect and I sense  also a bit of fear.I can not say much, but I  also  sense no kindness towards us the fragile sex ,just fear  for what we represent to them. This  is a man’s zone big time!! Buildings are tall, sleek and somehow masculine in its appeal. I am sure there is a hidden competition going on for the tallest building,richest and fattest man in here too,if you decide to swith to this direction, start a fattning diet now.lol

Dubai is, on my point of view,definitively a place built for man. Funny enough is that man in here wears dresses….Believe me when I say that is very elegant and I kind of like it ( on a skinny guy) on a fat guy…Better not say much in here,they could cut my access to this page.LoL

See,you can find thing  or two to laugh about this place after all…How about to love? -Well,give me some time  to adjust and explore  and we shell see. LoL