AnY cLuEs WhY aM i HeRe?

I am so excited to be here,problem is I have no idea why I’ve landed  here today! honest to God, I’ve ask myself ,why  do I need another blog? What am I going to do with it? Where the ideas are going to come from to be able to keep up with another blog and am I going mad or whats? Holy,holy mole!!

All I’ve ever wanted was a simple and boring white template blog to show off a bit of my “work”…Actually my hobby and once in a while,my work( I am still a free-lance photographer). Problem is, I am a bit of a chatterbox,if I see a blank page, it will  have to have something written on it. . . or else! lol

So, here I am starting yet another blog, to write silly things  that can not possibly interest anyone….anyone at all! What the hell?

To put the icing on the cake I am also a bit unreliable; better be up front and honest about it now. The title says all! lol

Do not ,under any circumstances, expect to see me around here every single day; is that a deal?

Okay, now that I come clean with you guys we can start to get to know each other  a little  better…I will be coming around   ” every now and then” to talk a bit,to share great links,to show you some of my work…If you would like to see more just come around to Flickr and tell me what you think of it later. Here is the link to my page: I will also try to be a bit more reliable,no guaranties….Did I say that?

Oh well, all I wanted to say was: hello everybody!!

PS: Forgot to tell you that I come with my baggage from my last Blog…had too! Lol