My LiSt

Today, inspired by  Might Girl- I decided to launch my own Life List.

A bucket list for some, for me is a simple life list that will just keep on growing. Something new will be added to it as soon as something from the list is conquered and achieved…Sounds fun, doesn’t  it?

My list will keep on getting bigger and more colorful based on my achievements, so I suggest for you to Keep an eye on this list periodically to see what I am up to.

I also wish for sponsors for my own List as Maggie did…Hey this is already a wish to add to my list!

If you decide to start your own List, please send me your link as I would love to read it and to link others to your blog to share their views on your List with you.

mY LifE LiSt

★To see the great Egyptian Pyramids ★To live in Italy for a year★ To be on the Simplon orient express, Italy from Venice to London ★To learn French★To  learn to  Tango in Argentina ★ Go to Cuba and photograph it with its glorious beauty and colors ★winter Camp in the desert★ Learn to cook a 3 course meal ★ To become a pro-photographer ★To go Swimming with dolphins ★ To become a Yoga teacher★ to visit the great wall of China ★To do or create something  fabulous that will survive me ★Go back to church ★ learn to dance the Salsa ★To be able to write on my passport : Artist-Pro-photographer★To have a dog again★ To explore Italy on a scooter★To visit India again★ To visit Angkor in Cambodia ★To visit The city of Petra ★Go to Greece ★Go back to Brazil and spend a vacation with my entire  family and have fun…real fun★ Have the courage to have a  face-lift when I come to need it ★Get my body  back  to its former good shape ★Read all the books I made my husband bring with us from Maldives and all the ones I keep on buying ★ To be closer to God★ To plant a tree on  Des’s name★ Never have to worry about money ★ Win the lotto in NZ ★To make a difference in someone’s life ★ To get into the habits of finishing what I started ★ To listen to good music every single day ★ To love myself more★ To go out more and make more friends ★ To go on a cruise to the Caribbean Islands★ Write to a travel magazine ★To go on a 10 silent Vipisana Meditation course ★ To become a 100% raw food eater★ To go back to Maldives again ★ To be fluent in Italian  and French★ Go to Mexico to visit  Michoacán, Las Manzanita’s and the Oaxaca’s Saturday markets★ To visit Peru and see Cuzco and Machu Picchu and see the Temple of the moon ★Go to Turkey to visit its beautiful mosques and markets ★ Sell my work on Etsy ★ to have an interesting blog that people likes to visit often ★To be paid to photograph for a living★ To get my own sense of style on clothing ★ To volunteer for a good cause every single year ★ to donate food  every week for the entire year★ To Let someone take a portrait of me ★Go to more photo work shops ★ go to Bali ★To  Learn to play the guitar ★To take more risks★ To laugh more, dance more, entertain more, sleep more, read more, love more, appreciate more, pray more and Live More ★ To thank God every single day for all I have ★ To live closer to my family back in New Zealand ★ To get up earlier every single day, for the entire year ,and go to the gym★ To listen more,use my head more,be more patience ★ To go on a Yoga retreat ★To go on an African Safari ★ To let my creativity flow without fear of criticism for being me ★ to take a 365 days photo challenge on Flickr★To get a fantastic hair style that becomes me★ To become a fine Art photographer ★ To visit Tibet ★ To visit Sri Lanka ★ To entertain more★ To have a family portrait taken ★To take better care of myself ★ To make our home and diet totally toxins free ★To do more random acts of kindness ★To be more adventurous ★To publish a book ★To say yes for an entire month★ Go to Portugal, Italy and Spain to visit my family roots ★ To listen to at least 1000 beautiful songs from now to end of 2011★ To learn decoupage ★ To live a very long life with no regrets…to 150. ★ To sleep under the stars and full moon once a month ★To have a beautiful, happy and  peaceful home were all my family can come and stay for as long as they need to★ To have at least 5 real commercial properties occupied and making money so we can finally retire in style ★To travel at least twice a year ★ To get a Canon 5DII camera and a gorgeous bag to go with it ★To get a 70-200, 85 ml canon lenses and a 17-40 ml★ To become a wedding photographer that people talk about ★To travel across NZ on a photographic journey  and publish all as a book ★ To have my own website ★ To de-clutter my life★ To make peace with my step mum and her family and to forgive my father★ To wear make up every time I go out★To cook a new recipe every day ★ To join a charity cause ★ To go to Hawaii for a romantic holiday★ To fall in love all over again★ To read at least 1000 inspiring books between now and end of 2011 ★see 100 most inspiring movies from the Amazon list by the end of 2011★ To reunite with my old friends once again★ To make my own eat,love and pray journey across life.

A miLLiOn PiEcEs Of Me. . .

A million pieces of me . . .
Am I really here enjoying my now or is that my imagination? -Not if I’ve chosen to aim for perfection every single time. As I see, perfection simply robes me of that unique, one&only, chance of having a life . . . a life that is by all means imperfect, it does not have all the good stuff that a “perfect” life should be made off, but nevertheless is a life tailored for my needs right now. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. Simply nothingIt’s just a matter of too many expectations, and sometimes even unrealistic expectations of a life. I often get stuck on the start and the endwhat about the middle? What about the nifty-gritty stuff that gets you from the start to the finish line? I call it the glue in the middle that everyone chooses to forget about, the messy bits that no one likes to talk about. The “middle “ stuff sometimes can be hard to digest, especially for perfectionist people like myself. You see, the last 2 months/6 years, have been a crazy roller coaster for me. I moved home like a gypsy, left beloved people waving at airports more times than I can count, changed my friends more often than my underwear, tossed personal favorites like rubbish . . . Boy I feel like there is no ground under my feet to stand on!.  Nevertheless I’m experiencing a new wave of clarity that is liberating and for some is even inspiring.
I am embracing everything about my life as it is now; the start, the messy and turbulent middle and the end bits. I’m already seeing a way through where I don’t have a hundred lives divided up in a million different pieces of me.
Is not easyis not a smooth road to walk on .I continue to berate myself for errors and pat myself on the back for small victories (not often though). I’m learning to be present to enjoy my life with passion.
So much is “all wrong” now, but I’m here and awake and alive to start fresh and stand up tall every time I happen to fallI’ve chosen the now instead of waiting for tomorrow. You see, Tomorrow may never come to many people Do not forget our mortality and, for that reason alone, now is your best time ever!
The “messy” middle isn’t so bad after all and I’m starting to see a way through . . . where I don’t have to conform to anyone’s high expectations of me, including my ownlol
I am almost at a point were my now is my perfect moment . . . and as for my expectations of tomorrow;  I know  that my  “now” is too important to waste it on planning a “tomorrow’ better to be present and enjoy a life that I have in front of me now.
My life still an unspeakable mess that would send anyone over the edgebut I’m hoping to love it anywayalong with all the people and choices that helped me arrive here . . . just on time. How are you behaving in that “messy middle “ space?  Are you kind to others and to yourself? Where are you  right now? Are you present? If not this is your wake up call my cookies! Wake up! ! !
I’d love to hear what you’ve learned about this in the comments