Land of the eternal golden sun..

A month in the land of the eternal golden sun, where many Arabian night tales are not so romantic as I use to imagine.  I’m still dreaming of a peaceful heaven, nested in the middle of the India Ocean, and an old rusted bike sitting alone by an old coconut tree. Some people are cut to live in high rises and chase the black gold money that this place has to offer at large. Some people are cut to chase their vanities and their dark instincts, some are moved by cheer ambition for more and more of what they perceive as successand this place is the place for those kinds of people, not for me. Unfortunately I married a man that fits the criteria of the ambition chasers. I have nothing against money, ambitions and big dreams; on the contrary.  Money is good for a purpose, it helps others and us to have more to give and to enjoy more of life’s many pleasurable moments.  A man without drive is like a boat going nowhere; you got to have some ambition and dreams…
 As for me, I do tend to favor life’s free gifs much more as nothing replace kindness and having just what you need to be happy. Why travel heavy when you can only carry a certain amount to the final line?
Life is long and merciless for the poor of spirit and also for the poor of cash. LOL
 You got to find balance to survive today’s crazy world. I, for instances, find balance in nature, in its purity and simplicity. There are no attractions for me in man-made thingsLucky me? I do think so; does not takes much to make me happy and I feel blessed all the time.
You see, with my many years of traveling and living on the “road”, I’ve acquire a unique philosophy that helps me to understand the craziness that surrounds me now and, eventually, survive it
I live simple, I love deeply, I expect nothing in return when I give from my heart, I do smile lots and lots, I feel my feelings with my heart and soul and forgive and forget to be able to move on with the flow of life. My religion is kindness and is almost non judgmental; I’m human after all; allow me to have some faults.  lol
I have, almost, no prejudices; except against prostitution, sex offenders and the ones that take advantages of the human weakness and needs, You could say that I’m a bit judgmental on the subjects above; I make no excuses for it.
You see, my body is the temple of my soul and to use it to have sex for money is a sin bigger than blasphemy. Sex is, and will always be, an act to be performed with love and trust, not a tool for a dirt sinful trade.
I believe that our society will only move on to a higher level when we do away with any kind of human exploitations.
Why am I talking like that? Because now, I’m surrounded by all the conceivable sins you could ever imagine, including prostitution and human exploitation. With the flow of the “easy money” come the greedy and the ones willing to trade their body and soul for it.
This is a land without soul or mercy; beware!
Everyday you open your doors to a dusty sky, to beautiful skyscrapers, and to a golden sun that is merciless at any given time of the day. In here everything have a price including your soul, forget about your principles, or high morals; leave it all at home when coming to live here.
We are all zombies chasing false Gods, with an insatiable hunger for more, is a sad never ending tale of never getting enough and never getting anywhere. Never!
This country is a bigger version of the “American” Las Vegas on a much bigger, bolder and powerful level, Inside here you can also trade your soul and body for money just as easy as brushing your hair and you will never get anything much for both of them.
 Is insane how cheap a human life is in some cultures especially if you are a woman.
Who said that slavery has been abolished? It took another name, tone and nuance but it’s still exists, believe me, I’ve it seen all.
For what I can see from here, the world is going backwards or never moved on.
How do I plan to survive it all while living inside here and still be me?-That is a question that I’ve asked myself everyday for the past month and still scared to answermaybe I won’t be able to survive as after all I’m  free spirit and this is no land for people like myself.
What would be of me without a voice and a soul?
Maybe I will find kind spirited souls and many beauties hidden under the chine veneer of this strange culture. Maybe beauty will prevail and enchant me with its forgotten song like a mermaid on high seas luring the lonely sailor.  After all, we all have to try and be the changes we want to see. We are the ones that will make a difference by being the changes we want to see around us, even small changes can be the start of bigger things to come.
For the moment, I’m dreaming of a better time and a better place to nourish my soul.  Just for the moment I’m taking one day at a timeTomorrow we shell see what tomorrow brings…we shell see.


About lilacheck
A Brazilian nomad who has lived in many parts of the world currently trying to make it in Dubai. Photographer/life lover,now also a blogger. It is here in this place, I lay down my love for photography,my thoughts,my glimpses of life,my light-heart look at traveling and living in a foreign language, my bad poetry and my heart. I simply love this blogging thing going on around the world I got to meet the most creative, fabulous and interesting, people alive taking part in a movement which brings all of us closer together from every part of the world.Isn't fabulous?...and my name is Lila.

One Response to Land of the eternal golden sun..

  1. Eva ricci says:

    Lila you will attract those beautiful souls that are like you. Just give it time, one day at a time

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