Losing my freedom…

There is nothing as sad as loosing your freedom of speech., nothing can compare with the loss of your freedom; any freedom, any rights you had. or enjoyed. When coming to Dubai I did not count with this possibility because, by seen so much civilization and so many nationalities in one place, I didn’t even in my wildest dreams would ever imagine that my freedom of speech or of choices would be compromised in Dubai. As from today I will not be able to post on Flickr because this social page is officially blocked in UAE (Dubai). So is Skype and many more social pages.-Why? Because they’ve chosen to block many social pages that do not agrees with their morality codes. Why Flicker, I’ve heard you saying? -Because Flickr have many photos that can be used as a communication tool and this is reason enough for them to block  any media in here.
They say that Flickr goes against their morality codes with pornographic contents, explicit nudity, piracy, violence and it’s used also as a dating service. Now you heard it all! lol
Far as they are concerned,we are all using a very dangerous media to post our work, – beware my friends. Lol
I will see what can be done to get back inside Flickr as some of my friends are saying that there could be an away around it-  I honestly hope so!
As for the moment, sadly, I’m officially out of Flickr!
Needless to say that I’m angry, sad, depressed and missing the freedom I used to enjoy inside my lost paradise.
 I will miss you all and also miss seen your fantastic inspiring work as part of my daily routine.
Flickr is for me a source of inspiration, a learning tool and a friendly place where we all shared the same passion for this amazing Art of painting with light.
I  do acknowledge that lately Flickr do have some issues with piracy (people stealing our work), pornography(seen some horrible display of sexual acts in some pages) and some people do insist in getting a “closer” relationship with me sometimes. True!!
Those are unfortunate facts that need to be taken up to Flickr’s administrators  attention so we can all have the guaranty of been able to enjoy interacting “safely”inside it, even in places like Dubai with such strong moral codes.
 Is up to Flickr’s administrators to do a clean up and get that wonderful Social page to be used just for what it was intended to in the first place; to display our Artistic work and help us to learn from our gifted friends inside it. -Nothing more!
I hope this can be seen and read by many of my Flickr’s friends, please redirect them to to my blog if you can, as I no longer can have any access to  my Flickr pages and can’t  even say goodbye to many good contacts and friends inside it!!
For the moment I can still use my Blog as an away of communication with the outside world. God knows for how long.!
Crossing my fingers that somehow I can find an away to recover my lost freedom  and do not have to face more losses in the near future.
How about that for a start of a so-called “ new life’?
Missing you all.

About lilacheck
A Brazilian nomad who has lived in many parts of the world currently trying to make it in Dubai. Photographer/life lover,now also a blogger. It is here in this place, I lay down my love for photography,my thoughts,my glimpses of life,my light-heart look at traveling and living in a foreign language, my bad poetry and my heart. I simply love this blogging thing going on around the world I got to meet the most creative, fabulous and interesting, people alive taking part in a movement which brings all of us closer together from every part of the world.Isn't fabulous?...and my name is Lila.

5 Responses to Losing my freedom…

  1. Georgianna says:

    Dear Lila, Can you post something on your Flickr profile page directing them here? I will always visit you here and look forward to your beautiful photos. xo – g

  2. Zee says:

    Oh wow, Lila, that's hard. It sucks! Any way your husband can move to another place? How long you guys will stay there? I hope you can find a way around this laws…Xoxo,

  3. Oh, dear, this is certainly not good news for you. I don't use flickr, but I can imagine what you are going thru. I enjoy reading your thoughts here. Obviously google-blogger is not blogged;-)

  4. Stephanie says:

    I was wondering where you were! So sorry to hear this! At least you can still blog. Do you have access at all to flickr? If not you should let a friend who does put up an image and message guiding people here to your blog. That should do the trick!

  5. Eva ricci says:

    Mia bellaLila. This is unfortunate but you will surely find other ways I am sure. Do you have access to your yahoo or hotmail emails? Now I understand why you didn't reply my Fmail. Maybe you couldhave someone you trust to enter your Flickr and post your link in your profile or a new post. I miss you terribly and you are on my mind. Remember the"BE BRAVE" advice you gave me. Let me know about your email so I could write you. Bacione Bella

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