But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads? (Quote by Albert Camus)

Here is one painful experience well known by all of us ; having to  say goodbye.
There is nothing that compares to the pain of  saying goodbye in our human vocabulary; Nothing!

In saying goodbye we have to accept the inevitability of life’s  changes.
 I can count saying goodbye to Maldives, as one of the most painful experiences of my life. Every day I got up knowing that this would be my last month, my last week, my last Monday, my last hours or  last seconds inside my beautiful paradise.It was so painful.
It felt like drinking  small portions of a fatal poison, slowly, drip by drip until the end come as painful as it  was supposed to always  be. Avoiding the full straight of this painful day did not make it any easier, saying good bye everyday did not make the farewell  any less painful .
But, I took it like a “ hero”. I got inside that plane armed with my beautiful memories, hopes and dreams, looked down to a heaven of turquoise waters and suddenly, the tears come in a rage, like monsoon rains. Just could not stop the sadness and the sorrow. . .In a flash the hero was reduced to a child. 
Part of me stayed there, behind, refusing to follow the flow of such sudden changes in my life, refusing to let go of so much peace and happiness and a life so well know, for so long.
looking down, with the eyes of my heart, I could still see my old self standing there waving goodbye to the “new” me. . . still barefoot, wet hair from the sea waters and riding the old bike into the infinity beauty  of my lost paradise.
My spirit has chosen to stay behind. . .
Then, who was that person inside the plane? That soulless  person crying shamelessly, with so much sorrow and a heart  heavy with fresh memories?-Had she no choices?- Did she need to search for a new life?-and why if her life was so good?-Why?
These are the questions I’ve  not managed to get  coherent answers to, yet. 
I’m too numb to think and to feel anything, but sorrow.
When is the new life starting and the old life ending? -Another question without a clear answer!
Only time will tell me the answers, 
Only time will diminish the longing for the Maldivian’s turquoise waters, for the tasty of sweet air, the music of monsoon rain falling slowly outside my window.
Only time can heal my sorrows. . .only time.

Lila Check

About lilacheck
A Brazilian nomad who has lived in many parts of the world currently trying to make it in Dubai. Photographer/life lover,now also a blogger. It is here in this place, I lay down my love for photography,my thoughts,my glimpses of life,my light-heart look at traveling and living in a foreign language, my bad poetry and my heart. I simply love this blogging thing going on around the world I got to meet the most creative, fabulous and interesting, people alive taking part in a movement which brings all of us closer together from every part of the world.Isn't fabulous?...and my name is Lila.

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    very nice Blog!

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