Abstract thoughts…❧

A couple of months ago, I wanted to start a blog. I didn’t think I’d be able to write enough interesting content to maintain a “general interest” blog. I didn’t think my life was interesting enough (and to be honest, my English is neither politically or grammatically that good) to write a “ just a diary blog”- and a “link blog”?-that’s just plain boring. lol
So when I started my blog, my idea was for it to be “a  Travel photographic memoir blog” centered around  my photos, my travels, a bit of my life and my experiences using my broken English (of course).
Well, guess what? I am writing and shooting and blogging, not necessarily in that order,but also to my dismay not particularly about the things above.:-O
I found myself writing about anything mostly because I thought that no one was going to come around to read the stuff I wrote. —A bit of a selfish behavior really! Sometimes it felt like walking naked in a public square, and the funny thing was that I knew that no one could care less.Liberating! lol
For me writing is a form of therapy and to combine it with my photographic work is orgasmic, magic! lol
Then, one day, a few  friends come around to see what I was doing all alone in my silly blog, and the all scenario changed. I had to dress up my blog for the occasion and to jog my mind for the correct grammar,etc…
I done a  few revamping by moving the “furnitures” around, as you can see, I’m currently rewriting the template and style for the blog. I’ll also be changing the name… I think “I got it now.lol
So I stopped by one of my favorite-but-only-occasionally-visited sites, GZZT.org, in search of inspiration. I had the entire afternoon to look for a “decent blog” name and several phrases caught my eye. Some have the potential to be a nifty blog name, some are simply punny.
I love the  names that makes me grin…hey is good to make people laugh, even if the joke is on me.
So here are the phrases that I jotted down to use as inspiration for a my blog name:
Addict’s notebook.
English as a Fecund Language
Addict’s apartment.
Neon office
Neurotic notes.
A flash in a pants
Bug eyed room
Bushy days
Textual community
Nude group.
Crazy fantasies,
Victoria’s Secretions
Land of the Blog
Blog Flab
Wet Nurse
Devastating the Obvious

What do y’all think? I see potential in a couple of these, others are just too funny to let go unpublicized. Do you have another name suggestion?—Please add your suggestions here…feel free to be honest.lol
Hey,to make it a bit easier with “your suggestions” on the bottom of the page is the link to the famous blog title generator. Have fun with it,not too much fun, remember that it have to be a decent name.lol
’til next time.


About lilacheck
A Brazilian nomad who has lived in many parts of the world currently trying to make it in Dubai. Photographer/life lover,now also a blogger. It is here in this place, I lay down my love for photography,my thoughts,my glimpses of life,my light-heart look at traveling and living in a foreign language, my bad poetry and my heart. I simply love this blogging thing going on around the world I got to meet the most creative, fabulous and interesting, people alive taking part in a movement which brings all of us closer together from every part of the world.Isn't fabulous?...and my name is Lila.

3 Responses to Abstract thoughts…❧

  1. Georgianna says:

    Lila, your life is definitely interesting enough for many people to be inspired, entertained and enjoy visiting you. I'm hopeless on blog names. I've never even come up with one for my own blog! Good luck, but keep posting anyway. xo

  2. Betty Jo says:

    I adore the photos, especially the first one with the awesome reflections on the water! Like my friend Georgianna, I'm no good at blog names either. I'm sure whatever you choose will be good. ♥

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