My paradise…❧

This is a small synopsis of my day in my small paradise.Sometimes pictures speaks louder than words don,t you think? lol

About lilacheck
A Brazilian nomad who has lived in many parts of the world currently trying to make it in Dubai. Photographer/life lover,now also a blogger. It is here in this place, I lay down my love for photography,my thoughts,my glimpses of life,my light-heart look at traveling and living in a foreign language, my bad poetry and my heart. I simply love this blogging thing going on around the world I got to meet the most creative, fabulous and interesting, people alive taking part in a movement which brings all of us closer together from every part of the world.Isn't fabulous?...and my name is Lila.

2 Responses to My paradise…❧

  1. Betty Jo says:

    Beautiful photos and always such fun hearing more about where you live. It sounds like Paradise!! Due to a big Goof I now have a new blog called Cottage Palette!! Come see and please update your link for me. ♥

  2. Georgianna says:

    Lila, your photographs are exquisite. I can just feel the sun and air and long to wriggle my toes in the sand! Thank you for sharing your perfect day – it does sound marvelous. And it truly is paradise! xo – g

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